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2009, I made my first account on Newgrounds. I began posting my crappy music slowly getting better, not without thanks to members of the community supporting and offering advice. Now I'm here, releasing my first commercial album.

It's an emotional moment for sure, because I don't think I ever truly believed I would be in this position. It's a good time to be an independent musician, and do this without a label.

The journey doesn't end here, neither does my relationship with NG, I've only just taken the next step. I ❤ everyone on this site, all the OG NG musicians that inspired me, everyone that ever left a review or left a rating, and all the missing friends with abandoned accounts...

I'll be posting the songs here on NG over time, if you want to listen and support me, listen on your service of choice here



Note: Spotify dropped a ball so it might not be up there for a while >.> GJ spotify

If you don't have a subscription to anything, youtube music is free to everyone. I'd really appreciate you taking the time to listen, as I always have. It's always been about sharing my love, and letting out my emotions to the world.

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I'm wanting to get back in the groove I used to have, so I'm gonna just start making more (that is how it works, right?)

I'm currently working on a game with a buddy of mine but that thing isn't coming out for years so making the music is going to be slow moving and easy. I'm gonna set up challenged for myself and try and branch out a bit, while also focusing my talent some more. I have a lot of improving to do and I don't just want to keep making vgm style music. I want to work my way up to making something people really want to throw in a playlist.

I still do love making vgm music though, I've worked on a couple games and have made some of my personal favorite work on them. I want to start doing commissions so I can get some more under my belt and well, have fun doing it.

For right now I just want to make some stuff for free to bulk up my portfolio, but this does take a load of time, you have no idea, so I might want to charge eventually.

Anyways, if you are new take a look at my previous work and tell me what you think. The games I've done music in there are Pampgun and Hidden Armada if you want some direction. Also, check out my new song!