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Hey, sorry I haven't made anything new for a few weeks. I was discouraged from some results of the recent contests, and it threw me out of a music making mood for a little while. I never expected to win but my latest song was scored relatively poorly, but that is all right. Water under the bridge, and I am happy with what I made and where my music is heading!

Recent events in my personal life have really boosted me though and I've been feeling overall very positive and I'm picking up the pieces, finally, since 2020 reared its head and lasted a couple years longer than it should have.


I've landed a day job and it seems to be a great place to work filled with lovely people. I have good opportunities there and it'll be a great place to save while not stressing myself out so I can continue making music as well. I dream of one day being able to make a living composing music and that dream will never die. One day I hope to have a career scoring games and possibly videos. Until then, making a consistent income means great things for myself and my music.

As some of you may know, I'm transgender and now that I have stable income and feel safe and secure enough to do so I'll be starting my transition, as well as saving to move in with my sweethearts, far north of where I live today!

For less personal and music related changes, I'll be able to fund my music creations more: Buying tools and equipment to keep making better music. I'll also, once my first paycheck lands in my account, be reactivating my distributor account and uploading music to streaming services like Spotify once again, by popular demand (love u mom).

Perhaps as soon as 3-4 weeks away my latest music will be available to stream. Until then my bandcamp is rocking some of my newest works in high quality FLAC with a new chiptune album making its way there fairly soon.


I've always been someone who likes to make positive music and finds it much easier to make that music when in a good mood. They say hardship makes better music, and maybe it does, but in my case the pain needs to end for me to compose about it.

Thank you very much to everyone who listens and downloads my music. For me creative passion is all about sharing that passion with others. I'd probably not make music if it weren't for my ability to share it with you all.

A very special thanks to my supporters who have helped me in a sustainable way by subscribing to my bandcamp page, purchasing my music, and friends that have been there for me in the worst times and make the best times far greater.

Love you all, and thanks once again for listening and for reading my far too long post. <3

P.S.: Thanks Ivy, for the discography purchase today, that seriously made my day :)


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About Me:

Hi everyone, I'm NoStereo!

I'm proficient in Chillout // Breakbeat // Orchestral // Chiptune // Dubstep and More + Fusions.

I strive to give all of my music emotional impact instead of raw energetics. A lot of my music has been said to sound like it belongs in a JRPG or numerous Indie titles so if that is what you are looking for you found me! :)

Commercial Projects:

I'm mainly looking to participate in larger commercial projects requiring a full soundtrack, but I'm always happy to produce a single. Depending on the length of the music and the scope of the project I'll charge in the area of $25 - $75 per song. However please contact me and we can make specific arrangements.


If you are making a non-commercial game or animation, wanting a collaboration, or participating in a gamejam, I do not charge for that, contact me to get things started or feel free to use any music in my discography (make sure to credit please).