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NoStereo's News

Posted by NoStereo - September 2nd, 2022


Hey, sorry I haven't made anything new for a few weeks. I was discouraged from some results of the recent contests, and it threw me out of a music making mood for a little while. I never expected to win but my latest song was scored relatively poorly, but that is all right. Water under the bridge, and I am happy with what I made and where my music is heading!

Recent events in my personal life have really boosted me though and I've been feeling overall very positive and I'm picking up the pieces, finally, since 2020 reared its head and lasted a couple years longer than it should have.


I've landed a day job and it seems to be a great place to work filled with lovely people. I have good opportunities there and it'll be a great place to save while not stressing myself out so I can continue making music as well. I dream of one day being able to make a living composing music and that dream will never die. One day I hope to have a career scoring games and possibly videos. Until then, making a consistent income means great things for myself and my music.

As some of you may know, I'm transgender and now that I have stable income and feel safe and secure enough to do so I'll be starting my transition, as well as saving to move in with my sweethearts, far north of where I live today!

For less personal and music related changes, I'll be able to fund my music creations more: Buying tools and equipment to keep making better music. I'll also, once my first paycheck lands in my account, be reactivating my distributor account and uploading music to streaming services like Spotify once again, by popular demand (love u mom).

Perhaps as soon as 3-4 weeks away my latest music will be available to stream. Until then my bandcamp is rocking some of my newest works in high quality FLAC with a new chiptune album making its way there fairly soon.


I've always been someone who likes to make positive music and finds it much easier to make that music when in a good mood. They say hardship makes better music, and maybe it does, but in my case the pain needs to end for me to compose about it.

Thank you very much to everyone who listens and downloads my music. For me creative passion is all about sharing that passion with others. I'd probably not make music if it weren't for my ability to share it with you all.

A very special thanks to my supporters who have helped me in a sustainable way by subscribing to my bandcamp page, purchasing my music, and friends that have been there for me in the worst times and make the best times far greater.

Love you all, and thanks once again for listening and for reading my far too long post. <3

P.S.: Thanks Ivy, for the discography purchase today, that seriously made my day :)



Posted by NoStereo - August 15th, 2022

Hey all just want to notify you all that my new song just dropped, and it is a melodic dubstep piece this time ^-^

I made this using inspiration from my life and my new gf and dedicated this to our relationship and to a bright future.

I hope y'all enjoy it!!

If you want to support me, check out my bandcamp and throw me a buck for a high-quality FLAC of the song!

Falling Into Place | NoStereo (bandcamp.com)



Posted by NoStereo - August 11th, 2022

I've got great news!

I've gotten my paypal issues sorted finally and I'm getting my bandcamp up and running again. If you would like to support me or get higher quality releases check out my page there <3

I am uploading my backlog there now that I have these issues fixed, and I will be creating exclusives and bonuses only for supporters. Newgrounds is my dearest love and will still get the vast majority of everything I create with free MP3 downloads on almost everything as always.

Love you all, and special thanks to my friends and supporters who have helped me out.

Until the 18th, you can use the code "itsbackup" to get 75% off anything/everything on my bandcamp to celebrate

NoStereo (bandcamp.com)



Posted by NoStereo - July 29th, 2022

Hey y'all, my contest song Flight of the Dragon has been released for participation in round one of this year's NG Audio Deathmatch.

Please give it a listen, I put a load of work into it and think it is my most highly developed song yet. It's a hybrid vaporwave/breakbeat song sorta, with some cinematic flair! One of my friends compared it with one of her favorite songs from Ace Combat, I hope you like!

Good luck to all of the other contestants, I'm really looking forward to the judging and hope you all fare well.

Anywayyys, I wanted to know what some people on here thought about polyamory. If you've tried it, what you think about it, etc. After being single for years, one thing has led to another led to another led to another and I sorta found myself in a polyamorous relationship. I feel nervous. I love both my new partners, though one love is more romantic and deeper than the other. We're all focused on being really communicative with each other.

I'm willing to give it a shot as long as nobody gets really hurt.



Posted by NoStereo - May 29th, 2022

============ Hey Everyone! ============

It's about time I started releasing that music I have been telling you about!

Yes, it Actually Exists!

Turns out I have a lot of music that actually exists and that is what I have been focusing on during my little break. I have a lot of music I have made that I have held back because I wanted to use it in an album/EP or because it is OST for a game project that ultimately failed. I have been compiling this music together and I have 5 albums tagged and ready to go, and I am not even done yet.

========== Upcoming Releases ==========

------------------------- NG Singles Compilations! -----------------------

iu_652077_4357640.png iu_652078_4357640.png iu_652079_4357640.png

I'm putting together some compilation albums of some of my favorite singles I have released right here on Newgrounds for a bandcamp release. Of course, you all already have access to this music, so this is only for supporters and fans from elsewhere to enjoy. What else is coming?

------------------------------- Videogame OSTs ------------------------------

iu_652080_4357640.png iu_652081_4357640.png iu_652082_4357640.png

I've been busy getting involved in competitions and gamejams, I'm trying to get my name out there and make my big break in the scene I have always dreamed to be in. The Video Game Music scene! It hasn't been too long since I have made these 2 short OSTs but it is getting time to share them here starting with ADRIFT! Keep an eye out the next few days as these songs come out. I am super proud of the Chiptune/Orchestral blend I did, and I really hope you enjoy!

------------------------------------- MIA VGM ------------------------------------

iu_652083_4357640.png iu_652084_4357640.png

The games don't exist but the music I made for it does. I've been involved in a few projects that failed but I worked hard and made a lot of music for it. So, I am beginning a new series called MIA VGM where I release the music that would otherwise stay silent.

----------- Regularly Unscheduled Singles/Albums/EPs ------------


I'm almost always doing something, even when I am taking breaks for my mental health. I love music and I'll never stop doing it. I made a song ages ago about this, how I'm just made to make music called "Beat Robot." I've got plenty of unreleased music I'll eventually turn into something to share. I'm always learning, improving, and expressing myself through song and I am grateful to be able to share that with so many people.

So yeah, stuff is happening. I'm mentioning this on the upcoming Adrift releases, but I'll mention it here as well. I am attempting to fix some issues with my PayPal so I can begin selling on Bandcamp again. So, if you would like to support me and my music (and maybe get some special bonuses), please follow and stay tuned for an announcement once I get that mess sorted out.

Also, if you are a developer or animator and you would like to work with me on a project send me a DM and we can talk! I love creating music for a purpose!

Hope you are staying happy and healthy!

Love you all <3



Posted by NoStereo - May 6th, 2022

Had a fun time recently getting back into the swing of things with some gamejams and joining a new contest here on NG. I'm feeling really rejuvenated creatively and I'm loving the music I've been making!

I was asked to join a gamejam by a recently met acquaintance and while waiting for that to start I joined the Tag-Team contest. I feel like my submission was really strong but there were lots of talented participants, so you never know, and unfortunately the results have been delayed.

That's alright though because soon after I finished my song for the Tag-Team contest the annual Bullet Hell Jam 2022 began and we were off making a game in 10 days! It was a great time, I tried to make some really cool Breakbeat/DnB music for a fun as heck hectic shooter and we ended up coming in 6th overall with our game Clocking Out by RollingCrow which is available online at itch.io :)


Almost immediately after, I noticed someone who had shouted me out twitter was running a personal gamejam and I decided, I wanted to keep on rolling! We had 5 days to make our game and we did fantastically. Everyone learned a lot and had a bunch of fun. We didn't get to make everything we wanted but I am beyond proud of the work I did for this one, which was some spacey Orchestral music with a light Chiptune element to help tie it into the art style. Adrift by Blawnode is also available on itch.io but I am pretty sure we're going to continue development because we left a lot on the table to get it out on time! (And it is buggy lol)


Anyways, I've got a lot of music made I am super proud of, and I am probably going to release it here on NG really soon! Oh, and fingers crossed I make it into round 2 of Tag-Team, round 1 was super fun so I would love to do it again :)

I'm going to be taking a little bit of a break cause wow that last gamejam was a bit crazy, but do not worry I will be back in action very soon to make even more music! I'm very excited for things to come, I'm really enjoying these gamejams and contests and most definitely will be continuing on this journey. Love y'all <3



Posted by NoStereo - April 15th, 2022

Hey y'all I have been taking a break, but I am getting back in the swing of things this year by joining the Audio Tag-Team contest, the Bullet Hell Gamejam 2022, and a new dev team to make a dating game! I'm super excited for things to come and think I'll be making my best work yet.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know I finally released a new song this year. My first entry into the first ever Audio Tag-Team Competition and I am super proud of it! :D

I hope you enjoy it, and it brightens up your day. Remember to always be positive and love yourself <3



Posted by NoStereo - December 5th, 2021

Hey all, before she posted her preset pack, I took a look at it for her to give feedback. I did my best to go through each one, but I didn't get far before I was struck with inspiration and decided to make a song using only her presets!

I have long admired her sound design, and the presets she has made freely available (for the free vst plugin, vital) are not left over or watered down. Each preset is incredibly detailed and layered, many containing macros that give you incredible control and magnificent results. The pack contains wild sfx, and everything to create songs from moody soundscapes and experimental downtempo to upbeat dubstep and everything in between. On a technical level this is probably one of the best preset packs available and the fact that it takes 0$ from pack to plugin to start using them is nothing short of astounding for anybody wanting to get into music or willing to experiment with what I think is this generation's sound design genius.

Please give her preset pack a try and judge for yourself!

Free Resources! Announcements! Updates! - by Wilieu (newgrounds.com)

If you would like to see what results I got using her pack check out my song, Vital Information!



Posted by NoStereo - November 4th, 2021

I want to upload the music I make, and Newgrounds hosts it for free and lets thousands of people listen/download/vote/comment.

I think it's great that we have a website for indie creators to share and work together.

Please never change newgrounds, or i will report this site :)

Parody of one of the most hilarious posts I've seen recently and love letter to one of my favorite sites of all time!

I've grown up on newgrounds, I hope it never goes away, thank you NG <3



Posted by NoStereo - October 28th, 2021

I've been sitting on a few previously unheard works and decided it was time to finally start releasing them. I've been in a little bit of a slump for a while I blame my long distance move on. So to prove I am still alive, and still have passion for music I will be releasing some gems I have kept hidden for a time and a half, starting with Complicated Emotions.