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I really like the minimalist art design and the absurdity. Where the animation is really lacking is the voice over, and while the sound design is pretty good the levels could be adjusted to make everything feel more cohesive.

It's truly a work of art, even if it isn't my type of humor.

Response: My initial thoughts were both, but watching it again the voice does fit the piece, even if I think that is an area of improvement. I think I hear some signs of some strong denoising, or it could just be the quality of the mic itself.

Bingleheimer responds:

Noted - I'll work on the audio more. I appreciate the feedback!
What's lacking on the voice over? The voice themselves or the audio quality?


Ugh his hand and the remote look so disgusting... I love it!

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My brain is terrible and hurts. What a cool concept and great execution!

I could see people paying for a full experience of this, and oh my gosh imagine multiplayer...

I uh, flew past the edge of the map on the challenge to land as far right as possible. Do I win?

The game is pretty hard but I think it is mainly due to the awkward controls, I wish instead of controlling the thrusters left a, right d. it was reversed.

Fun though even if the visuals are pretty basic.

Kinda annoying that the camera is so zoomed in, you uh, slam into the moon pretty easily.

larrynachos responds:

Ah yeah, I forgot to add killzones at the edges lol. You have to land the ship for it to count xD

I've been thinking about inverting the left and right thrusters. If you think that would make it easier, ill give it a shot

As for the camera, it starts wayy zoomed in. Go full screen and scroll mouse wheel down.

Thank you for the feedback!

awesome concept lol

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Masterful work, very enjoyable cover! I especially like the lofi vocal samples you used.

Love the violin-esque synth and the plucks are really nice too. It's an eclectic mix of a lot of different synths but it all stays consistent with itself despite that. Very good job! :24-:33 is my favorite part! :44-53 is also really killer.

Overall though the song is really dry, I think it works ok but try some effects over it I think that some areas could do with some separation and reverb.

Also I think this song is closer to a dance track than synthwave, not sure why you picked that.

DemisurgeX responds:

Glad you think it's good! And it just sounded like synth to me.

Beautiful song! Only thing is I think the reverb was a tad too loud on the vocals and you could have done with some light de-essing as well. The music itself is really nice, I like the flow, and that choir you did is wonderful. The sparseness of a beat makes the sections with it very powerful.

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looks like a transparent cd surrounded by cd magic!

Wow! really cool sketches! I like the spared use of color that really makes certain stuff pop, and I love that hair. Really everything in here is super creative!

Really cool art style!

Heya! I make music!

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