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I really like the minimalist art design and the absurdity. Where the animation is really lacking is the voice over, and while the sound design is pretty good the levels could be adjusted to make everything feel more cohesive.

It's truly a work of art, even if it isn't my type of humor.

Response: My initial thoughts were both, but watching it again the voice does fit the piece, even if I think that is an area of improvement. I think I hear some signs of some strong denoising, or it could just be the quality of the mic itself.

Bingleheimer responds:

Noted - I'll work on the audio more. I appreciate the feedback!
What's lacking on the voice over? The voice themselves or the audio quality?


Ugh his hand and the remote look so disgusting... I love it!

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Love it! the animations are simple and nice, and the mechanic of reloading is really cool and challenging! I love the pizza gimmick as well but the enemy designs seem a bit random and could fit the theme a bit better, but random may very well be what you were going for xD.

The sounds are a bit... eh, but still very funny.

StuffedWombat responds:

thanks dude :)

very valid criticism, the enemies are just random spites I quikly drew up and the sounds are all from a drumkit ^^

I ONLY HAVE TO SURVIVE FOR ONE MINUTE! ONE MINUTE!!! Tell me Wolod, what's it like being a sadistic being of pure evil.


Wolod responds:

Shh! You're blowing my cover.

That no-scope was so dope. No lie, 3dank5me.

PuffballsUnited responds:

gg ez

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This is really great! :3

Clean, Love it! <3

I love the contrast between the bright elements and the deep bass. I think it's a tad repetitive with the similar patterns. This is more of a house or maybe even hardstyle song I think than dubstep, there is no syncope.

Good elements, with decent sound design, the melody leaves something to be desired. Work on those drums!

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Now that's a skate birb. I like the juxtaposition of the simple elements with the more detailed birb's face and body. The rainbow board is what really makes it, it almost looks like it's not even a part of the same image but yet it is. This is a quality art meme.

Awesome job! Recognized her from the thumbnail. The features and shading are incredibly good. I think this art is actually better in a way but still matches the style!

Newgrounds needs to add tipping so we can help get you to that switch haha.

TrisketTheBisket responds:

hey thanks! If anyone wanted to support an artist commissions are usually the best way.

Very unique art style, don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it. Kind of creeps me out haha, but I love the use of color.

The unshaded tufts at the bottom make it look unfinished though.

madpigbearmancow responds:

Thank you for the kind words! I agree with the last part.

I make the musics.

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