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My week in review #2

Posted by NoStereo - 8 days ago

Not gonna lie, this has been a week of high highs and low lows. Butg first off I would like to thank all my fans and listeners! It made a feel bad week a little bit better, and made this week something to remember, not for the bad times but for the good ones. I've been dealing with some depression lately, I take medication for it (bi-polar) but it seems like I need a change in my prescription. It's taken away inspiration, and ruined a lot of enjoyment I have in things. I've found paths around this, though they don't always work it helps.

I got my PS Vita and 3DS working, I honestly thought they were dead but it turns out that the vita needed to be charged a lot before turning on. The 3DS well that just needed a charger, which I found. One of my favorite games of all time is Patapon, but I never finished it, so I got that for the vita (I had it for the psp, and that one is def dead lol) and that has been fun.

Enough of that though, what happened in the music world for me!


This week I got 3 songs out which is awesome! The first song I posted was a song I made for a game in development called Plan Of Life. I'm really excited for it, even though it is early in development. It's the kinda game I really like, casual but with some in depth elements you can really explore. The OST for the game is going to be chiptune and mainly quite chill music. Check it out!

The next song I released was a bit of a meme lmao. It started as a bit of joke but it turned into something cool. The original goal was to create the worst clipping heavy af bass as you could. I turned it into something a bit different, requiring everything I have to have a melody to it. I didn't want the song to have just ridiculous bass so I kept in a bit of treble to carry you through, added in a bunch of drops and made everything progressively heavier. If you have a sub to listen on, it's a definite must if you like heavy bass and to an extent, earr$#%.

Lastly but hell no is it the least. I made it into the NGADM competition here on Newgrounds and I immediately went to work. I worked almost nonstop on this song, I'm not sure if I even ate that day I was so focused and inspired due to making it in. I think it's one of the best songs I've made yet. And it seems Newgrounds agrees, with it hitting the frontpage, again THANK YOU <3. It also hit 2nd place weekly which is my first audio trophy EVER! I was super excited when I found out. I'm not sure if I will make it to the next round, you never know, but I'll be happy if this was the last song I put forth in the competition :)

And that's about it for the week, shortly after I posted my NGADM submission I hit a major slump and got hit with depression fairly big time. Hopefully this coming week brings happiness and the will to create more music! I always push through, it's just a matter of time.